Web Development

Since the development of smartphones and tablets, web designing has become equally important for mobile and tablet browsers. Since 2010, the web design for tablet and mobile phones has taken a fast pace and have become exceptionally important.

What is web design?

Web Designing basically throws light on the designing of websites that get displayed on the internet. It directly connects with the user experience aspects of any website development rather than the development of the software attached to it. Web design is widely used to make websites creative and user interactive for desktop browsers. The different aspects of web designing include web graphic design, interface design, authoring, user experience design as well as search engine optimization. Under the umbrella of a web design company in Bangalore, a huge number of individuals work in teams covering each of these areas of web designing.

Web designing also refers to all the designing work related to the front end development of a particular website. It partially overlaps web engineering in the wider scope of web development. Web designers must have proper knowledge of maximum usability and web accessibility guidelines. Web designers use plenty of tools and technologies for client-side website development. With time, these tools have been changed, modified and replaced with newer tools but the principles and basic concept of web design still remain the same. Both vectors, as well as faster graphics, are being used by web designers in order to create web-formatted imagery or design prototypes. Additionally, there are some technologies that are being used by web designers. These include W3 standards such as HTML and CSS, markup validators and other testing tools to maximize the usability as well as accessibility so that their websites suit the web accessibility guidelines.

How does it work ?

A web designer mainly focuses on working on the appearance, layout as well as content of any website. Appearance includes colors, fonts, images, videos as well as links used. The layout can be explained as the way in which the information has been structured as well as categorized. Any web design is considered good when it is easy to use, user interactive suits the audience and aesthetically pleasing. Web pages are particularly designed on the basis of content. For instance, some web pages are designed focussing on simplicity so that no added information or functionality may confuse or distract its audience. On the other hand, some websites only focus on interactive and user-friendly design so that more and more audiences get attracted to it. The main motive of any web designer is to gain the trust of the target audience by knowing their needs and to remove as many unnecessary and ambiguous elements as possible for maximum user satisfaction and maintenance of the company’s reputation. There are two most common methods for designing websites; responsive and adaptive design. In responsive design, the content has the facility to move dynamically according to the screen size, but in adaptive design, the content is fixed in the layout sizes. It does not match all screen sizes thus, a little problematic. A suitable layout presentation is the most important job of a web designer. Thus, it is important to be careful while designing while in responsive or adaptive design.

Run Digital Marketing is a web development company in Bangalore and is one of the most popular in the market as it follows some simple steps including:

1. Getting ideas of the client

2. Creation of a plan

3. Wireframes and Mockups

4. Web Development

5. Assurance of quality and testing facilities

6. Website Launch

What goes into Web Design?

Web design does not only involve creating an attractive website. There are many other things that must be kept in mind such as consideration of user experience, search engine optimization, ease of use as well as technical skills. All these elements must be present on a website to enable it to compete with other websites in today’s marketplace.

Our team of a web design company in Bangalore has been able to maintain a reputation in the landscape of web development. It has established a host of effective services in order to provide a hike to your business. These services include WordPress and eCommerce solutions, responsive design, creative branding solutions, custom programming ideas and many more.

  • 1. WordPress development:

    WordPress is easy to use, flexible and search engine friendly platform which is being used in more than 29% of all websites throughout the world. WordPress is a reputed platform when it comes to website and content development. Also, it is a user-friendly CMS, also known as a content management system, that makes the user able to make changes on the fly.

    WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world due to its highly customizable nature as well as easy to edit options. Our team provides services for Wordpress website development to smoothen your business and increase potential customers. Bangalore IT companies have understood the importance of WordPress and a maximum of them are using the same.

  • 2. Responsive Web Design:

    As per reports, it has been seen that responsive web design is the main key to the huge web traffic coming from mobile phones. Thus it has become mandatory to create mobile-friendly websites along with desktop compatibility. Responsive web design enables your website to adapt and to give an extraordinary experience on any device it is being viewed or browsed from. This means your website will look equally amazing and function flawlessly for a user irrespective of the device as well as the screen size he/she is working on.

    The website must function seamlessly in every device, be it a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Our web development company has experience in providing responsive web design services to all. We build mobile-friendly websites with positive UX. These websites help greatly in the search engine optimization and improve the rank of the page up to many levels.

  • 3. Ecommerce solutions:

    We provide an extremely flexible eCommerce platform that provides seamless integration with your WordPress website. Our eCommerce

    platform enables the clients to sell online with a 24/7 service along with satisfactory customer experience.

    eCommerce solutions have taken over the internet and the conventional modes of shopping have been replaced by online shopping to a significant percentage all over the world. We at Run Digital Marketing understand this fact and the unimaginable potential of eCommerce solutions in the near future. That is why we come up with new and creative ideas to nurture and prosper your companies in Bangalore and take it to new levels. We provide easy store management and eCommerce optimization also.

  • 4. Graphic design:

    Graphic design is an inseparable part of web design. It is mainly based on the idea of bringing the suggestions and ideas of clients into life. Our professional website designers in Bangalore have immense creativity and capabilities to take the personality and reputation of your company and translate it into visual design. Our graphic designers carefully consider all the important elements of graphic design such as color schemes, typography, and many more.

    We at Run Digital Marketing excel in logo design, infographics, business card design, ebook creation, menus, brochures, business cards, web banners, logo cleanup, etc. There are many website designing companies but our graphic designing team put great efforts towards the creation of impressive and affordable graphics to represent your brand and important aspects of the company. The team has access to colorful, high resolutions images as well as videos with illustrative graphics that have the ability to attract potential customers.

  • 5. SEO optimized web design:

    In every site we create, we build SEO in it. Proper SEO takes a lot of effort and design. Whenever a new website is developed, the SEO helps the website to get discovered by audiences and get recognition in the market. We provide suitable website architecture which is easy to navigate and has a logical page structure. This enables the customers to avail the services in an easier manner.

    Why Choose Run Digital Marketing?

    Web Designing is a critical part of making an online presence. It is the first point of interaction whenever someone visits your website. Therefore, designing your website in the best possible manner is really important. So, for this, you should opt for a company that can render you the best web design services. And ours is nonetheless. We at Run Digital Marketing make sure that all our clients get the best and most suitable web design for their enterprise. This is what will make you choose us over others. Our priority is the client and his/her requirement.

    Frequently Asked Question

    It totally depends on the requirements of the user. There is a limitation of time from the client-side also and we do our best to fulfill the guidelines in a given amount of time.
    Our company is located in Bangalore and we are one of the top companies in Bangalore in the field of Digital Marketing.
    It totally depends on the need and requirements of the user. While we charge less for fewer requirements and efforts. But on the other hand, a fully customized and unique website takes more effort and time and thus, we charge a little more for that.
    We work mainly in HTML and CSS. But our team has also an experience in other languages and frameworks such as JavaScript, PHP, XML ETC.
    Yes, of course. We build websites on our development server. Each client is provided with a username and password so that they can monitor the development of the website irrespective of time and location.