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PPC / Google Adwords

The main crux or motive behind online marketing and digital marketing is to increase the rank of your site on google. And the best method to do is the organic method. But it is not an easy method, it takes up a lot of time and effort and even then you cannot be sure of the results. This is when Google Adwords or the ‘pay per click’( also known as cost per click) comes into play. This is a means of online advertising that is used to generate or draw more traffic to the website.

Now businesses and organizations need other companies that would provide them with such service and Run Digital Marketing is a PPC company in Bangalore that renders such a service. Also, there is more in this pay per click means of marketing, the advertiser has to pay a fixed amount to the publisher of the ad, every time a click is made on the ad. This publisher can be a search engine, an owner of a particular website or else it could also be a system of websites. Let us understand more about this.

What is PPC or Google Adwords?

Before getting into how does pay per click works and what are the benefits of using this, it is important to completely understand the concept first. So let’s begin.

It is a means of the advertisement so just like for any other type ad, you need to fix a budget for PPC campaign management as well to run your ads on platforms such as Google or Baidu or Facebook, etc. But you need to pay only for the clicks that you will receive. There are other such types of advertisements as well such as the pay per view or the pay per emission ads. All these types of ads work on the basic principle that the payment is made only if intended action has taken place which could be view or impression and in this case of pay per click or Google Adwords, the payment is made according to the click received by the advertiser. Run Digital Marketing PPC agency in Bangalore can help you in all the functionalities related to pay per click service. We understand the working details of Google Adwords and can help you greatly in acquiring more clients with the pay per click service.

The pay per click can help you to reach new and different geographic markets. Pay per click is useful when you want to address your competitors directly. Moreover, it is a time-sensitive and specialized type of marketing campaign. Next, we will learn about Google Adwords advertising in Bangalore.

Google Adwords and How does it work?

Now the Google Adwords is one of the most popular systems for pay per click advertising. This offers a platform to businesses all across the world to make ads or run campaigns that will execute on the Google search engine and on other properties of Google. It is just like as we discussed above the users proffer on keywords and the payment is made according to the click made on the advertisement.

What happens is that whenever a search is made using the Google search engine, Google chooses from a number of advertisers to display one or more ad on the search engine page at the ad space. Now, this selection is made considering a number of factors such as the quality or relevance of the keywords, the size of the bid, etc. An affordable PPC campaign management will mainly focus on keyword as it is the most important aspect of the campaign. Also, once your budget is completely used up, then Google stops running your ads until you renew your funds again.

What goes into PPC?

There are different types of Google ads for the pay per click campaigns and it is up to to the advertiser to choose either one or more or all of them for the marketing purpose. The different types of Google ads are Search Ads, Remarketing, local search ads and Display ads.

  • Search Ads This is one of the most common forms the PPC campaigns. The ads that fall into this category are displayed above the search results or beside them. Also, these ads are displayed only if they are related and relevant to the search made. This means that if the product or service that you render are relevant to the search then your ads will be the first thing that the user comes across at the time of the search. And considering the advertisement model that we are using here, you will need to pay only if the user clicks on your ad.
  • To run this type of campaign you need to write the content for your ad and then select the words that you want to set as keywords. And finally set the budget for it on a daily basis. Though it is not so simple, it includes a lot of things to take care of and wise plan as well. That is why it will be best for your business to let us help you with our PPC advertising in Bangalore. We will take care of all the things here to make sure that your PPC ad campaign runs successfully.

  • Remarketing These types of ads are run for the people who have already visited your website once or more times. It is to connect with those customers or clients once again who have already shown interest in your services or products. The main purpose of this type of PPC ad campaigns is to convert these visitors into your customers. The ads that fall into this category are executed in the display network or just as the Search Ads do. The cost of these ads is as per the automatic pricing models. Now the creation of these ads involve a few more steps but it is worth it as you can get more conversions through clicks of the people who have already connected once with your business.
  • Local Search Ads These types of ads can not be termed as a completely separate type of Pay per click advertisement but as a subset of the previous Search Ads. They are different in the sense that they will target audience located near your business. These ads will be shown when the searches are made in Google maps or the Google search engine and the user is looking for the products and services nearby his/her location. Your ad will show up if your business is located in the same area and you offer the same products or services or related to it. One thing to note here is that Google by default sets the campaign at the national level and if you ship locally or till a specific area then you will need to customize the ads accordingly. There are many other things to be taken in stride just like the one we talked about just now and we can take care of all this, that is why our Pay per click advertising in Bangalore will be of use to you.
  • Display Ad Campaigns This is not entirely a pay per click advertisement. But by choosing the payment option of cost per click, you can use these ads as pay per click ones. For these types of ads, you need to decide on a format and then accordingly create a text-based or banner type of ad according to the chosen format. Next, you need to select your target audience and set the budget. But do note that setting up the budget alone does not guarantee that your ad will be displayed. Your budget needs to be higher than your competitors’ s budget so that Google displays your add out of all the others.
  • Why choose Run Digital Marketing?

    There are numerous aspects of the creation of adds that will bring the aspired results. For this purpose Run Digital Marketing PPC agency in Bangalore can help you greatly to cultivate the best ad campaigns for the desired ROI. PPC advertising is not only limited to Google search engine, one can make use of the other search engines as well for example Yahoo/Bing advertising in Bangalore. Moreover, the below-mentioned FAQs will help you understand why choosing Run Digital Marketing will be the right decision.

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    Frequently Asked Question

    The answer to this is simple, the target is to reach a wider audience, increase conversion rate and grow the business.
    The answer to this could be any one of the three levels, either your industry benefits immensely, a little bit or nothing at all from PPC campaigns.
    If your goal is to reach high levels of success such as establishing your business at the national or international level, then your budget is bound to be high as well. And if you are trying to reach the local areas or districts then your budgets do not need to be high.
    Along with PPC campaigns you need to perform good SEO and SMO as well. These extra efforts will help you in the growth of your business.
    There will be numerous ads running for the services and products that you render. So you will need a team of experienced professionals to create and handle all the ad campaigns and other marketing strategies.

    Run Digital Marketing will be able to help you with all the questions mentioned above. We render PPC services to numerous businesses like yours to establish a well-structured business and the market for it. If you are looking for PPC companies in Bangalore then your search will end once you contact us as we will render you the best of PPC advertising service.